Want to teach a Trade School class? We would love to have you! 

Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, passionate about or even feel like sharing! 

What is required of me if I want to teach?

- We ask is that you plan your class a little so that you feel prepared and relaxed. Write your class description & short bio for our site.

- Give us a list of barter items that you want to receive from your students. Make it as long and as creative as you can. Try to ask for skills and non-monetary things (like research, advice, tips, help cleaning up, hand-made stuff, enthusiasm) as much as monetary-requests (like clothes, food, materials, etc.). Not sure what to ask for? here is a list of things that people have asked for in the past over at TradeSchool LA to give you some ideas.

- Promote your class! We will too! 

Your class can be about anything and can be structured in any way you like. Just be sure that you feel comfortable setting the tone and sharing information. You are in charge during your class! On the day, meet new people, teach, enjoy yourself and reviece your goods. We'll coordinate the logistics and timings.


 Submit your class here