Mai 10, 2015 Dimanche

Weave The Hearts - Japanese Zori Making

1:00après-midi to 4:00après-midi
Le Moulin à Café - salle 2
8 rue Sainte Léonie, 75014
Paris FR

*** Cet atelier sera présenté en anglais, mais nos équipes pourront traduire en français si nécessaire *** The Japanese traditional footwear, zori, being handed down its making process from generation to generation, is now receiving a spotlight again. Once made with rice straws back in the time but we now enjoy using recyclable fabrics such as cotton and polyester from your pile of old clothes. This workshop aims to make a pair of zori as your playful creativity blends into one-and-only craft item. They are comfortably wearable indoors. !!! Please bring; 2 men's T-shirts or 3 women's T-shirts. These can be replaced with shirts. If towels, 2 face or 1 bath/beach. Craft scissors. The fabrics brought by everyone will be all mixed on the table to exchange freely like your blue T-shirts to his yellow shirts or vise versa.

Apporter un des objets ou services suivants::
a car ride to Orly Airport after the workshop
a walking tour to your favorite local place on Saturday (to park, gallery, cafe, etc.) *Let's discuss for the arrangement beforehand.
French pronunciation lesson
gâteau/pastry from your favorite shop in Paris
story of your favorite Paris moment
to make another pair for your loved one

A propos de l'enseignant, Shintaro Tokairin

This is what I can contribute to the community. - It's an ultimate answer to a question when people ask what's got me to start this workshop in and out of countries over the last 6 years. It's that simple and it became one of the ways to express myself being Japanese. Besides, the moment and the experience we share seem to be the hidden treasure in the world we live in today. This is my 1st visit to Paris and 2nd time to collaborate with trade school. The one before was held late in 2013 with trade school Singapore.