Trade School always needs more venues on the East side where we can hold classes. Our classes are held in a variety of locations throughout LA, including art collectives, businesses during off-hours, parks, coffee shops and people's homes. Fill out this short form to tell us about your potential classroom space, and we'll get in touch very soon! 

What Does It Take to Host A Class?

Most of all, space that is quiet and (relatively) private, and has tables & chairs available for at least 10 people. TSome teachers will need to hold their class in a room with electricity and wi-fi, while a music-improv class would need no electricity, but the ability to make noise without bothering anyone. We welcome having a wide range of locations to fit our wide range of class offerings.


Classes typically last 2-4 hours, with some additional time needed for prep & cleanup. Our teachers & volunteers will take responsibility for returning your space to its original condition after class.


What benefit is there to hosting a class?

For many of our students, part of what makes Trade School LA unique & fun is that you get to explore new places & meet new people. By hosting classes in your space, you’ll look good & have the chance to bring in a broad range of new people.


Throughout the semester we highlight our hosts in Facebook, Twitter & Instagram posts. At the end of the semester, we’ll send out a dedicated email that highlights our host locations which you can use to advertise whatever you’d like. We also include praise about our hosts on our website as seen here.


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