Get Involved

So you want to get involved in making Trade School LA super awesome? That's great.
RADICAL COOPERATION LISTSERV: Email list for anyone interested in + involved with LA's cooperative, resource-sharing, community-minded orgs. You choose how often you want to receive email updates. Click to join
HOST::: Do you want to bring the energy of sharing & learning into your space? We are always in need of classroom spaces. If you have a quiet indoor space with tables & chairs that you'd like to lend to us 1/week or 1/month, please let us know! The more classrooms we have, the more classes we can offer.
VOLUNTEER::: TSLA is run entirely by volunteers and we'd love to have you join us. You can choose when & how to participate, or you can join us for volunteer meetings a few times each year. And, in case it does anything for you, we always have snacks & wine at our meetings. Just click here to join our volunteer google group.
TEACH::: Click here to teach with TSLA.