Feb 26, 2014 Wednesday

Where Art Meets Science

6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Despite the common conception that science and art are fundamentally different, the two endeavors have a great deal in common. Vladimir Nabokov’s idea was to combine “the passion of the scientist and the precision of the artist”. In this class, we will survey poetry, plays, fiction, and essays inspired by scientific ideas. This is primarily a lecture class that will encourage group discussion and expose students to a body of literature. Writers will leave with suggestions for new projects and a deeper appreciation for two of the most beautiful and important human endeavors!

Bring one of the following:
Cooking Spices
Dark Chocolate
Garden Supplies
Heirloom Vegetable Seeds
Sheet Music for Piano (Jazz, Blues, Classical, etc.)
Unsalted Sunflower Seeds (To feed to chickens!)

About the teacher, Jessica Reed

Jessica is a maker and celebrator of things superbly made. She loves the clean lines of physics, mathematics, and philosophy as well as pastiche in art forms ranging from jazz to collage to experimental literature. She is a writer and science appreciator, having formally studied physics, poetry, and philosophy. Jessica is also passionate about sustainable living and lives in the country with her husband, gardens, composting worms, and seven chickens!