Mar 31, 2015 Tuesday
Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center
Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center at 727 N. Oriental St
Indianapolis US

Apply the tools of hip-hop in your writing! “Sampling” techniques such as cutting and pasting, collage and programming invite us to rethink authorship and the way meaning is made. This class will follow Kenneth Goldsmith, popularizer of “uncreative writing”—a fresh way of making literature in the digital age. We will practice "making" collaborative literature from existing texts on the computer, highlighting the authorial decisions involved at each step. By constructing texts entirely out of other works, we will bump into our own inevitable creativity; for in appropriation, even the simple act of retyping a work is an artistic gesture.

Bring one of the following:
a homemade or handmade surprise!
beeswax candles
dark chocolate bars - favorites are ginger & orange or hazelnut
dark unflavored free trade coffee
fancy salt (kosher or not) or pepper (ground or peppercorns)
small unsalted sunflower seeds for my chickens (shelled or unshelled, just not huge)
volunteer hours for this class as a facilitator (must be an approved TS facilitator)

About the teacher, Jessica Reed

Jessica is a maker and celebrator of things superbly made. She loves the clean lines of physics, mathematics, and philosophy as well as pastiche in art forms ranging from jazz to collage to experimental literature. She is a writer and science appreciator, having formally studied physics, poetry, and philosophy. Jessica is also passionate about sustainable living and lives in the country with her husband, gardens, composting worms, and seven chickens!