Oct 2, 2015 Friday

Sewing & T-shirt Hacks

6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US

Barely acquainted with your sewing machine? Make it your friend! Learn safety tips, how to thread, and some basic troubleshooting. You will learn how to sew a basic straight seam with your sewing machine. Using this skill, we will hack a t-shirt to make a great tote bag. *Please bring a working sewing machine, thread, sharp scissors, and one or more adult cotton t shirts.

Bring one of the following:
a surprise!
interesting or vintage textiles
pictures of sheep
something else you’d like to offer (you will coordinate a 1-1 exchange with the teacher)
to volunteer for this class as a facilitator (we’ll send you info!)

About the teacher, Dianne Noe

Dianne loves to sew and bring new life to things that would otherwise be tossed. She is currently exploring unique ways to use the vast amounts of very usable textiles in thrift store finds or from friends. Alter, slash, or hack...she is just painting with fabric and ending up (usually!) with something new and fun to wear or use.