Jan 30, 2016 Saturday
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US

In part two of our three part Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series we will be discussing all things MCU television! We will take a look at Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the series that are upcoming on Netflix and how all of these fit into the world of the MCU films. Attendance at for the first class is not required for part two so join us for a fun morning of comic book characters and sugary breakfast cereals! You can bring your favorite to share with class as your barter item if you choose!

Bring one of the following:
cereal to share with class
dairy, soy, or almond milk to share with class
homemade baked goods
juice (orange, apple, cranberry, etc) to share with class
local beer (IPAs preferred)
teach a class (email Trade School before class)
volunteer for this class as a facilitator (email Trade School before class)

About the teacher, David Bruce

David Bruce is a freelance graphic designer and Indianapolis native. An avid comic book reader since the age of 10 David has studied comic books both for fun and for academic study. He is also public affairs non-commissioned officer in the Indiana National Guard. Outside of work and comic books David enjoys biking and making up internal monologues for his cat.