Nov 13, 2013 Wednesday

Listening to JAZZ!

6:30p.m. to 9:00p.m.
Chatterbox Jazz Club
Chatterbox Jazz Club at 435 Mass Ave
Indianapolis US

Indianapolis is blessed with an amazingly rich and vibrant jazz scene, scores of live venues and some truly talented jazz musicians. Live jazz performances can be a dense and sometimes incomprehensible experience. Here to take the mystery away (leaving only raw enjoyment of America's art music!) is Sophie, a real live jazz musician! She'll illuminate the jazz approach to music-making and give you some listening tools that will help make sense of the experience. Then, the whole class will put our ears to work by checking out a live jazz performance afterwards. Must be 21+ to attend.

Bring one of the following:
Any Organic Cooking Spices
Copy of Your Favorite Jazz Album/CD
Ground Coffee or Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
Heirloom Flower, Herb or Veggie Seeds
Kurt Vonnegut Novels
Organic Chocolate
Photos of Indy Jazz History (Musicians, Venues, Etc.)

About the teacher, Sophie Williams

Sophie Williams is a tenor saxophonist, craftsmen, human being, and a new mom!