Aug 7, 2017 Monday

Leather + Tyvek Earrings

6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.
Trade School Indy @ Rabble Coffee
2119 E 10th St
Indianapolis US

Have you heard of Tyvek? Its a fantastic material used for everything from shipping bags, to hazmat suits, to wrapping houses. Using this material along with reclaimed leather we will create unique earrings. I will provide enough materials to for each student to make two pairs. I will show you how to find Tyvek, what to do with it and why I think it is SO COOL. I promise to share all my resources!

Bring one of the following:
*email to volunteer at this class (this is your barter!)
*have your own goods or services to offer? arrange your own barter by emailing your teacher
A book you loved and a note why
Healthy snacks for a road trip
Locally roasted coffee
Produce from your garden :)
Your favorite bottle of wine

About the teacher, Danielle Reed

Danielle is a crochet designer who loves to teach.