Oct 24, 2013 Thursday
Indy Reads Books
Indy Reads Books at 911 Mass Ave
Indianapolis US

Tired of getting lackluster results from knitting patterns? Learn how to MAKE YOUR OWN pattern that's tailored to YOUR body! Our grandmothers didn't knit using patterns, instead, they took a few basic measurements, did some simple math, and ended up with sweaters that fit perfectly every time. I'll show you some sweaters I made this way, teach you the basic principles behind the knit-by-numbers concept, and then we'll all make a pattern for a simple raglan sweater that's based on our body measurements. Everyone will leave with their own measurement charts to be able to create new patterns based on your desired silhouette and stitch pattern. For clarification, we will not be knitting in this class and this class is recommended for people who know beginning knitting. The only thing you will need is a flexible tape measurer for taking measurements.

Bring one of the following:
Double Pointed Needles (Any Size- Set of 4)
Embroidery Floss
Ground Coffee or Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
Heirloom Seeds
Kurt Vonnegut Novels
Organic Chocolate
Wildflower, Flower, Herb, or Veggie Seeds

About the teacher, Sophie Williams

Sophie Williams is a tenor saxophonist, craftsmen, human being, and a new mom!