Mar 23, 2016 Wednesday
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US

Do you love to eat? Interested in learning more about Japanese food? Just a film buff? Come watch director Juzo Itami’s 1985 cult classic Tampopo with Trade School Indy! This wacky movie combines the subject of Japanese food with the action of a spaghetti western to become the first ever "ramen western". See below for a synopsis of the movie. Make sure to eat dinner before coming! There will be a 15 minute talkback/teaching period both before and after the movie discussing the cinematic techniques and conceits of Japanese film within this movie. Synopsis: “A truck driver stops at a small family-run noodle shop and decides to help its fledgling business. The story is intertwined with various vignettes about the relationship of love and food.” Run time: 1 hr, 54 mins (IMDB)

Bring one of the following:
*I have attended a training and arranged with Trade School to be the class volunteer
A haiku
a local or handmade surprise
An hour foreign language lesson
An hour knitting lesson (my contact info is in the registration email)
Favorite recipe
Ground coffee (sealed package)
Movie snacks for class
something else you'd like to offer (my contact info is in the registration email)
Your favorite coffee, tea, beer, or wine

About the teacher, Bradley Good

Brad is currently living abroad and completing his PhD in Ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He recently successfully completed a move abroad, along with his wife and pets.