Feb 27, 2014 Thursday
(Almost full)

How to Eat Seasonally & Locally

6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Why should you eat seasonally? There are many benefits to sourcing your food locally, including saving money, supporting your local economy and eating healthier. In this class, you will learn how you can get connected to your food in a new way by eating what's in season. We will discuss which foods are available locally and seasonally, where to find them, and the different ways you can store and preserve them. Students will also leave with a few recipes to help you make the most of what you are eating.

Bring one of the following:
Anything from Smoking Goose
Local Coffee Beans (Regular or Decaf)
Local, Seasonal Produce from Indy Winter Farmers Market
Milk or Yogurt from Traders Point Creamery
Organic Essential Oils

About the teacher, Despi Ross

Despi is a collision of old and new. She loves high-tech everything and cutting-edge science but also has a healthy respect for doing some things the old-fashioned way (like making biscuits from scratch, growing food organically and taking black & white photographs with actual film). She is also about passionate about buying, cooking, and eating local, sustainable food and loves art, action movies, beekeeping, toy collecting, music on vinyl and hunting for treasure in thrift stores.