Nov 14, 2017 Tuesday
Trade School Indy @ Rabble Coffee
2119 E 10th St
Indianapolis US

Just in time for Thanksgiving, you will learn how to make the best side for this holiday season. This savory side dish is packed with veggies, mushrooms and bacon (because everything is better with bacon) and topped with a buttery cracker crust. Because this dish required lots of cutting and chopping, some basic knife skills will also be taught, so bring your best knife and cutting boards if you have them. This is a hand-on class.

Bring one of the following:
* a pledge to volunteer by facilitating a class (we'll send you info!)
* a Trade School Donation
* a Trade School needl!! (see to select a current need/)
A book that you really enjoyed
A donation or participation to Extra Life,
Anything nerdy/geeky or sci-fi related.
Cat toys or treats
Coffee beans

About the teacher, Miguel Harris

Miguel is a Indy native who has a passion for building. Whether is cooking, woodworking or building electronics, he is happiest when he takes a bunch of ingredients and creating something that is more than the sum of their parts. When Miguel is not at work or play, volunteers at Riley Hospital and raises funds for Children's Miracle Network every year.