Nov 6, 2015 Friday
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US

What's the one recipe that has been in your family for generations? The one you wait for every birthday or holiday? Whether it's sweet, savory, or a little bit sour - join us on November's First Friday for a family heritage recipe & tasting swap! Bring yourself, family members, a copy of your recipe (with printed copies if you can), the story behind your recipe, and enough of your recipe for at least 15 people to taste (doesn't have to be a full meal!). Because of our limited "kitchen" - we recommend that you pick a recipe that is eaten cold, but please feel free to bring your favorite warm recipe on paper. If you have access to burners or a way to keep something warm, please bring/let us know you can help with this! Think of this as an early Friendsgiving!

Bring one of the following:
a recipe + your prepared recipe for others to taste

About the teacher, Brittany West

Brittany has been a part of Trade School since co-founding the Indianapolis branch in 2012. Through organizing she has discovered a profound love for bartering, sustainability, practical skills, solidarity economies, and cooperatives. Today, she works with organizers globally to open new Trade School chapters and write a Trade School book that is being published late 2016!