Jul 20, 2016 Wednesday
(Almost full)

Eastern Indian Cuisines

6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.
Trade School Indy @ Rabble Coffee
2119 E 10th St
Indianapolis US

This Eastern Indian cooking class will teach you the usage of different spices in traditional Indian dishes, evolved over many centuries. You will see a cooking demonstration of one of the following plant based vegetarian dishes: curried potatoes, curried lentil soup, or curried chana masala (spicy garbanzo beans) depending on the availability of ingredients.

Bring one of the following:
*I have attended a training and arranged with Trade School to be the class volunteer
cauliflowers, potatoes, cabbage
local or handmade surprise
pears, limes, grapes
something else you'd like to offer (my contact info is in the registration email)
tea, coffee drink mix, simple chocolate chip cookies
tomatoes, garlic, olive oil
vegetable oil, onions, peppers

About the teacher, Rumman Ali

Rumman ali is an artist, philosopher and a cook. She likes to indulge in anything aesthetically pleasing. She has been cooking at home or campus for her husband and friends for last 12 years, since she came to study at winona state university MN. Now she is studying at IUPUI for anthropology degree. She was born in India and learned her cooking skills from her mother, aunts and domestic maids while growing up there.