Feb 11, 2016 Thursday

Doodle & Draw Your Way to Artwork

6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US

This relaxed Winter art class will be about capturing colorful imagination on paper through use of versatile colored pencils. Students will learn different drawing and sketching techniques like exercising different pencil strokes with light, medium and heavy pressures, varied lines with width and weight, different strokes and movement - textured and calligraphic lines which create a feeling of dimension in drawing, creating patterns of dots and dashes on paper, cross hatched pencil strokes - and more! Participants will finish their own artworks by the end of class. *No. 2 pencils and drawing paper will be provided, but students will need to provide colored pencils. If you cannot provide the needed supplies please contact Trade School 48 hours prior to class.

Bring one of the following:
*I have arranged with Trade School to be the class volunteer
*REQUIRED: colored pencils
a surprise: cauliflower, cake, pears, tomatoes, brownies, onions, garlic, tea, instant coffee, or chocolate chip cookies
attend a 45 minute Trade School volunteer training before class
give back to Trade School with a PWYC membership
something else you'd like to offer (my contact info is in the registration email)
volunteer to give your teacher a ride home (Downtown Indy)

About the teacher, Rumman Ali

Rumman ali is an artist, philosopher and a cook. She likes to indulge in anything aesthetically pleasing. She has been cooking at home or campus for her husband and friends for last 12 years, since she came to study at winona state university MN. Now she is studying at IUPUI for anthropology degree. She was born in India and learned her cooking skills from her mother, aunts and domestic maids while growing up there.