Jul 16, 2014 Wednesday

Vermicomposting in the City

6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center
Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center at 727 N. Oriental St
Indianapolis US

Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Maybe you know someone who does it. But you’re reluctant to take the plunge. Wait no longer! Learn to compost your kitchen scraps in your own kitchen with worms. A healthy worm bin will keep bad kitchen smells away and eliminate much of your food waste. Plus, you’ll get black gold for those potted herbs on your windowsill. This class will answer questions on getting started and maintaining a balanced little ecosystem in a Rubbermaid bin. A worm bin will be provided for demonstration. This is Jessica’s fourth class, having taught two classes on ‘Developing your Writing Voice’ and one on ‘Where Art Meets Science’.

Bring one of the following:
1 grinder of any fancy peppercorns
2 bars of dark chocolate with almonds or sea salt
a bag/box of sea salt, kosher salt or various table or cooking salts
a jar of sesame seeds and jar of sesame oil (for the humans)

About the teacher, Jessica Reed

Jessica is a maker and celebrator of things superbly made. She loves the clean lines of physics, mathematics, and philosophy as well as pastiche in art forms ranging from jazz to collage to experimental literature. She is a writer and science appreciator, having formally studied physics, poetry, and philosophy. Jessica is also passionate about sustainable living and lives in the country with her husband, gardens, composting worms, and seven chickens!