Jan 13, 2016 Wednesday
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US

Chicago. Chi-Town. The Windy City. The City of Big Shoulders. Whatever you call it, it's the third-largest city in the United States. It's famous for its world-class architecture, iconic 'L' trains, and deep-dish pizza. While the thought of visiting Chicago is exciting, it also can be overwhelming. What's the best way to get there? Is there an inexpensive place to stay? How do I get around once I'm there? What should I visit? In this class, we will talk about how to have an amazing weekend in Chicago. We'll address a variety of budgets and discuss travel, lodging, and entertainment options. We'll even compare the most famous deep-dish restaurants. Students will walk away with knowledge about what to visit, how to get around, and where to find the best Chicago-style hot dog.

Bring one of the following:
a book by your favorite author
an introduction to a creative (email your teacher before class)
local produce
something else you’d like to offer (email your teacher before class)
something handmade (soap, candles, art, etc.)
teach a class (email Trade School before class)
volunteer for this class as a facilitator (email Trade School before class)

About the teacher, Dawn Olsen

Dawn is a native Iowan, an Indy resident, and an Oxford comma addict. She is enamored with reading, writing, historic buildings, cats, and Oreos. She writes for Pivot Marketing, but she also is an administrator for the local Instagram community, @igersindy. When she's not working, Dawn is en route--on the road, on a train, on a trip.