Apr 11, 2015 Saturday
(Almost full)

At Home Cheesemaking

11:00a.m. to 1:30p.m.
Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center
Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center at 727 N. Oriental St
Indianapolis US

Blessed are the cheesemakers! There is no better cheese than the kind you make yourself and we'll prove that by showing you how to make Fromage Blanc (Chevre), Ricotta and a 30 minute Mozzarella. The basics of sanitation, milk handling, and equipment will also be covered. Although most of the class is demonstrative, you'll leave with some homework to finish fromage blanc at home. If you want to participate in the after class homework, please bring a gallon jug of milk! All cheese enjoyed in class will be made using goat milk.

Bring one of the following:
antique hand tools for the garden, kitchen, or home
cast iron in any condition but broken
desirable native plant starts
elderberry starts
garden/orchard baskets
hand knit wash cloths
stainless steel bowls
started grape vines
unusual seeds or plants for herbs, vegetables, or flowers
volunteer hours for this class as a facilitator (must be an approved TS facilitator)

About the teacher, Melody R DeLury

Melody is a local homesteader who is passionate about all things handmade and homegrown. She is a mother of 2 young children, a wife, a wanna-be farmer, an at-home cheese maker, a soap maker, and a maker of just about everything else!