Jun 26, 2014 Thursday
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Welcome to the wonderful world of cake decorating! In this class, we will discuss the latest trends in cake decorating and learn as well as practice some contemporary piping techniques. You will get the opportunity to apply your new skills to a few cupcakes that you can take home and show off to family and friends. Whether you've dabbled with decorating before or you're completely new to cake decorating, this class will definitely send you on your way with new ideas, techniques and inspiration when creating your next trendy treat!

Bring one of the following:

About the teacher, Asia Coffee

A native of Indianapolis, Asia Coffee is a commercial interior designer by profession who loves to decorate cakes and teach cake decorating classes in her spare time. She has been decorating for family and friends for seven years and has been teaching for five years as a certified Wilton Method Instructor. Asia is passionate about cake decorating and is looking forward to the exciting opportunity to share her knowledge with others through Trade School!