Jan 26, 2016 Tuesday

Art is Vulgar!

6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US

The history of art has been filled with rabble-rousers and in 90 minutes we'll explore the shocking vulgarity that has caused societies to gasp and wince. This class has nudity, violence, sex! It has it all! Seriously, this class will explore a wide range of themes that could include sexuality, sociopolitical commentary, gender stereotypes, etc. Attend at your own risk!

Bring one of the following:
handmade soap
locally roasted coffee (regular or decaf)
something else you'd like to offer (email your teacher before class)
to teach a class during the Winter (email Trade School before class)
to volunteer for this class as a facilitator (email Trade School before class)

About the teacher, Despi Ross

Despi is a collision of old and new. She loves high-tech everything and cutting-edge science but also has a healthy respect for doing some things the old-fashioned way (like making biscuits from scratch, growing food organically and taking black & white photographs with actual film). She is also about passionate about buying, cooking, and eating local, sustainable food and loves art, action movies, beekeeping, toy collecting, music on vinyl and hunting for treasure in thrift stores.