Mar 25, 2015 Wednesday

Architectural History & Styles

6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Indy City Market
Indy City Market at 222 E Market St
Indianapolis US

Want to really impress your friends? This fun intro Architecture class will help you develop a unique understanding of basic architectural terms and history such as how architecture has changed, major styles, etc. You'll develop the ability to better understand and talk about the architecture you encounter, like when you're visiting the City Market! To finish class, we'll take a tour and test our newfound knowledge to see if we can identify any architectural features in the historic City Market. Please note this class is 21+ and all students are invited to grab a beer at Tom Tap to enjoy during class.

Bring one of the following:
a list of hidden gems in Indiana (restaurants, coffee shops, towns, etc.)
a photograph of your favorite building
a really good, used book
empty wine bottles for crafts (I can never drink enough to get as many as I need!)
snacks that pair well with beer to share during class for about five people (more if you'd like!)
volunteer hours for this class as a facilitator (must be an approved TS facilitator)

About the teacher, Amy Marisavljevic

Amy is just a kid from Akron, Ohio that recently moved to Indy. She believes in strengthening a community by helping people better understand our communities' built environment. Her belief is that if you understand our natural and cultural resources, you are more likely going to preserve them for the next generation. Amy is passionate about architectural history and historic preservation. She loves sharing knowledge about architectural styles, general history and Ted Mosby like ╩║Fun Facts╩║ to enhance your travel experiences and love for your hometown!