Apr 2, 2016 Saturday
Halifax Central Library
Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, NS B3J 1E9, Kanada CA

This workshop will introduce tools and ideas for cybersecurity, privacy, and digital protections for activists and all concerned individuals. The workshop will engage an open, jargon-free dialogue about safe and secure ways to organize and communicate online, with a focus on practical applications. We will discuss a range of techniques and technologies, from the very simple to the highly secure, and we will discuss appropriate methods, and how to evaluate tools. Additionally, we will discuss offline approaches to security, and identify ways that social engineering can be avoided. We will discuss the challenges (and solutions) that particular communities encounter, including union and labour organizers; feminist, race and intersectional activists; and those working in communities in support/with differing abilities. This workshop is appropriate for all skill levels and all interests, and is targeted at a beginner level. A laptop computer is not required, although we encourage you to bring one. Room 302 in the Central Library, 3rd floor!

Bring one of the following:

About the teacher, Quinn and Lucca

Lucca Fraser is a MCS student in computer science at Dalhousie University, where she experiments with applications of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. She has published a handful of philosophical essays and translations, and works with the feminist collective, Laboria Cuboniks. Quinn DuPont studies cryptography and technoculture. He writes academically, and for The Christian Science Monitor, Berlin Gazette, and This Magazine. Previously, he worked at IBM.