May 25, 2015 Monday
(Almost full)
The Hive
128 West Hastings St.

Vancouver CA

In an age of developing technology for modernity, quality in communication gets lost. Slowing down to put pen to paper and write a sincere letter to a valuable person in your life -- it's worth the effort. However, because many aren't used to this practice, a lot of people veer away from letter writing, stating, "I don't know what to say." This workshop will guide participants in writing letters in an old fashion manner with an intro, middle and sign off. Share a story or highlight of the day or figure out how to express emotions which there is never a "right" time to say so. Participants are asked to bring a notebook and pens or pencils. No computers will be used. Everything will be done by hand. Please keep this in mind if your handwriting is a little hard to read.

Bring one of the following:
Antique-looking silver rings
Boxes of diapers (for Vancouver Food Bank)
Clean men's shoes or socks (for Covenant House)
Fat lipstick crayons in any colour
Grocery cards (for Forest and the Femme)
Toothbrushes and toothpaste (for Covenant House)
Transit faresaver booklets
Unused postage stamps

About the teacher, Deanna Cheng

Writing is one form of communication and it's Deanna's passion. To be able to share and to be understood is a miracle and one step toward building a team or community. Deanna Cheng is a recent journalism grad from Langara College and freelances as a reporter. She has a personal project to hand-write 5000 letters, no deadline. She has been at this project since July 2, 2009 and gained some insight along the way.