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l'Espace de Quartier Secheron (basement / sous-sol), Reference : Elie
Avenue Blanc 7, basement / sous-sol (Call 076 385 07 26)

Vous aimeriez plus de ressources pour soutenir vos aspirations de vies ? - Votre avenir vous semble bouché en dépit d’efforts constants ? - Vous avez déménagé et depuis votre couple ou votre santé vacillent ? - Vous avez construit ou rénové une maison et depuis votre vie a changé, et pas forcément dans le bon sens? Et si la clé pour résoudre toutes ces situations se trouvait dans la qualité énergétique de votre environnement ? Le Feng Shui a été créé il y a plus de 3000 ans en Chine. Il s’agit d’une science ancestrale qui vise à comprendre et à capter les énergies favorables de l’environnement, naturel ou construit par l’homme, pour les mettre en relation avec l’énergie personnelle des occupants d’un lieu de vie. Ses bienfaits touchent autant les aspects relationnels, de santé, que la carrière ou les ressources matérielles. Riche et complexe, elle s’applique autant aux particuliers qu’aux entreprises. Ses formules ont été testées, vérifiées pendant des siècles et ses effets reproductibles n’ont plus à être prouvés. Il existe également une version très répandue en Occident, par contre il s’agit d’une adaptation des années 80, issue de la période New Age. Elle fut initiée en 1986 pour s’adapter au public américain, en réponse à la complexité et aux années de formation nécessaires pour maîtriser le Feng Shui authentique. Son succès commercial découle du rôle joué par l’intuition et l’application de solutions simples et générales. On y trouve également les influences de la psychologie des couleurs et du symbolisme. Au cours de cet conférence, je vous proposerai un voyage au cours du temps et de l’espace. Je vous initierai à ce langage millénaire et ses fondements. Vous comprendrez pourquoi certains environnements sont plus propices que d’autres pour votre évolution de vie. Vous pourrez faire également des liens avec votre réalité et redonner un sens nouveau à votre expérience de vie. Retrouvez l’espoir avec le Feng Shui authentique est le voyage que je vous propose !

Bring one of the following:
découvrir et liker ma page
en parler autour de vous, du bouche-à-oreille
un projet de construction, de rénovation ou d’achat de bien immobilier
une possibilité de tandem français-mandarin
venir avec un ou plusieurs ami-e-s
votre feedback constructif
votre participation, un sourire

About the teacher, Mario Giorgio

Expert diplômé en Feng Shui traditionnel, formateur et conférencier, je suis aussi le fondateur du cabinet de conseil Luckeys, spécialisé en arts traditionnels chinois. Je propose un accompagnement personnalisé et des solutions sur mesure à mes clients privés et professionnels, en Suisse et dans le monde. Je vous invite également à découvrir mes autres disciplines : le Ba Zi pour explorer votre plein potentiel, l’alimentation taoïste personnalisée pour retrouver le plaisir d’une alimentation saine et naturelle à long terme, et le Yi Jing pour faire des choix éclairés. Pour plus d’informations, n’hésitez pas à me contacter.


Los Angeles


7:00a.m. to 9:00a.m.
Karen's House in Echo Park
165 N Toluca St
Los Angeles

Karen's House in Echo Park 165 N Toluca St Los Angeles US Kombucha is a fermented, probiotic, slightly sweet, effervescent, tea drink made using a SCOBY, or a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It's an ancient drink that Wikipedia traces back to 5,000 years ago in China that may or may not (jury's still out pending further peer-reviewed scientific studies) have significant health benefits. Also, if you haven't noticed, it's super trendy right now. Regardless, it tastes great and is super simple and fun to make. Supplies needed for this class: A gallon or half gallon glass mason jar with a screw top lid. You can get these at hardware stores, amazon, or even dollar stores. If you can't get a large jar by class time, a smaller, lidded jar is O.K. temporarily -- you will take home your SCOBY in this jar to start making delicious drank! Class location has stairs and is not accessible by wheelchair or walker.

Bring one of the following:
6 pack of beer (hoppy, hefs, ales, sours, stouts -- nothing light)
Bag of coffee beans
Biodegradable dish soap
Bottle of wine (nothing fancy)
House plant (any size)
Package of toilet paper
Something (art, craft, food, etc) made by you or someone you know
Surprise me!

About the teacher, Karen Stasevich

I'm a policy analyst from Michigan. I came to LA for the weather and the adventures. I like backpacking, drawing, and learning how to do/make things. I also host a bi-monthly figure drawing workshop.


Listening to Opera

9:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.
With Love Market & Cafe - Community Room
1969 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles

This is a class for anybody who is curious about opera, whether you’re completely new to it or have already started exploring this amazing musical form. I'll talk about what goes into an opera performance, bring some examples to watch and discuss, show you how to follow along with a libretto. What we'll cover – with many examples to listen to: • A quick tour of opera history and some of the key composers and works – not exhaustive, just a start! • What to look/listen for in opera – great music, amazing singing, characters, drama, emotion and spectacle. • How operas are structured and how that's changed over time • A bit about opera singing - voice types, roles, the chorus • Getting the most out of attending an opera performance – and where to see opera in Los Angeles

Bring one of the following:
A bottle of fish oil capsules
A bottle of white wine or prosecco
A box of Arm & Hammer scoopable cat litter (Multicat, Super Scoop, Double Duty – any will work)
A dog collar and leash (any size - to be donated to the shelter pet assistance program)
An unopened bag of dog food (to be donated to the shelter pet assistance program)

About the teacher, Anne Schwarz

I have been spinning yarn for about 10 years. I got started when I bought an alpaca and wanted to figure out what to do with her fleece. I still have a couple of alpacas and lots of fleece, but I've branched out into spinning all kinds of fiber and find it creative and relaxing.

With Love Market & Cafe - Community Room
1969 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles

• If you’re looking to get out of the studio, out of your head or whatever, share your practice and get feed back from a wider diverse perspective, or if just need someone else’s opinion on your artwork, join this class. • If you are looking to share your insight, your knowledge and experience on art ’n life in general, join this class. • If you are looking for a healthy conversation by getting a good look at art, join this class. This space is open to all visual artists and to whoever is interested in art and in an exchange that will enrich us as human beings. The aim is to understand an image, or an object, by decoding all the layers that an artwork entails. We will be engaging in the analysis of the artwork’s techniques and narratives, subjects and objects, theories and practices, examining subject matters and themes, symbols and concepts, processes of intentions and execution while looking, perceiving, asking, studying, reflecting, observing, feeling, and sharing to build a discussion up. This class will be in the form of an organic group discussion where every artwork is precious, every opinion valuable, and each voice heard and appreciated, being mindful of time constraints and each other. Open mindedness is welcomed. We will not be judging but rather valuing the artwork according to our unique knowledge and life experience while observing and acknowledging what the work does to us and what ideas and potential it triggers in relation to contemporary realities. Artists: bring an artwork you made to present to the group. This could be in the form of an object, an image, a video, a piece of writing or even an idea, or a project you are working on and need feed back for. All participants: be prepared to contribute by creating a supporting, caring, respectful, and safe environment where to explore our liveliness and creativity. Getting to know an artwork opens up new frames and ways to intimately look and understand ourselves, our culture, and our relation to the world. While I am eager to be sharing my passion and commitment to art, I look forward to the chain reaction of thoughts and emotions that our collective excavation will initiate. Please note: The Art Crit’s structure will depend on number of artists registering, 30 minutes per artwork minimum. The session could extend from 2 to 3 hours.

Bring one of the following:
Bragg cider vinegar
Jasmine tea leaves
Oregano essential oil
Plants (that I can transport on my bike!)
Real Salt

About the teacher, Claudia Borgna

A well trained artist, I have been building my experience through academia, residency programs and exhibitions, working mostly with non-profit spaces and mainly in outdoors or alternative settings. Setting art “outside” has strongly shaped my views and my approach to art making. Inspired by nature, I feel that creativity has no boundaries and that it can be expressed everywhere in endless diverse forms. Even the little daily chores offer an opportunity to practice creativity. I have been teaching art for several years in very diverse contexts. Currently I work at the reDiscover Center where I assist kids crafting and tinkering with recycling materials, either on the premises or for the outreach program in schools, at farmers markets and in many other public venues. My fine art training and practice has taught me how to use and experiment with various materials, techniques, and disciplines, such as painting and drawing, ceramics, printmaking, video, sculpture and installation, writing and research, and socially engaged art, a journey that has led to a strong commitment to an environmental friendly use of space and materials that are site, place, context, people - sensitive and specific.

With Love Market & Cafe - Community Room
1969 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles

We want YOU to teach a class through Trade School LA! Any one is welcome to teach a class. Whether you already have a class idea you want to bring to life, or you'd just like to learn more about how our process works, join us for orientation. You'll get a brief history of how TSLA started and why we exist here in LA. We'll cover tips for teachers and show you how to get class scheduled and onto our website. We'll close by discussing your insights and ideas on teaching, sharing class ideas (if you have one already - optional), and hearing questions. This will be about sharing information, having fun and creating connection & camaraderie among our teaching community. Teachers only need to attend orientation once in order to teach in any future semesters. *Accessibility: This orientation will be held in a community room that is up a flight of stairs. The barter items for this class are being donated to The Painted Brain (

Bring one of the following:
a pad of drawing paper
an assortment of colored pencils
big box of crayons
ream of printer paper
tube of acrylic paint (~8 oz)

About the teacher, Kathie Adams

I really enjoy DIY and have had many years experience of organizing a monthly craft club, where we make new things that interest us. Making jam, books, stamps, paper, soap and felted soap have been annual favorites. I currently work as a psychotherapist and have retired from a career in engineering.

Teacher's Home in Atwater
address & parking info will be sent to attendees
Los Angeles

Effective communication helps us feel better and more connected to those around us—but how do we maintain flow in conversations when we find ourselves clashing or drifting off course? In this workshop, we’ll link the research-backed practice of mindfulness with interpersonal communication techniques, yielding a mindful communication approach that boosts emotional intelligence, bolsters resilience, and increases efficiency, effectiveness, and connection. Participants in this workshop can expect to: • Learn mindfulness practices that reduce stress, heighten connection, and facilitate greater access to purpose and meaning. • Explore the differences between debate, discussion, and dialogue—revealing the impact of intention. • Take home practical strategies for effective communication, including a “secret formula” approach to dialogue in difficult conversations. Please dress comfortably and bring some paper and a writing utensil.

Bring one of the following:
(1) 25+ foot outdoor extension chord
1 large unscented jar candle (or 2-3 small ones)
2 large sage bundles (dried, white)
32 oz Dr. Bronner's liquid soap (Lavender only please)
4 boxes of organic tea (different varieties)

About the teacher, Jennifer Howd & Kate McCracken

Partnered in their love for one another and their drive to make the world a better place, Jennifer & Kate bring together their individual studies of mindfulness and conscious communication both professionally—and at home in their daily lives. Both creatives, Jennifer more analytical in her approach and Kate less systematic, they speak in their own unique voices and together create messages that inspire, encourage, and support new ways of being in relationship with self and others. Featured on NPR’s “Weekend Edition,” Jennifer is the author of “Sit, Walk, Don’t Talk: How I Survived a Silent Meditation Retreat” (published by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Parallax Press). A UCLA-Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Jennifer works with individuals seeking mindfulness-based tools for increasing self-awareness, wellbeing, and flow in their lives. She also serves as a mindfulness-based Developmental Editor and enjoys writing/directing and acting in comedy videos with the award-winning digital comedy collective, Nightpantz, in her spare time. A dynamic speaker and facilitator, Kate is the Director of Talent Development and Inclusion at Leadership for Educational Equity and has been designing and delivering learner-centric personal and professional development opportunities for 15 years for companies and community-based organizations such as: Lakeshore Learning, the YMCA, and Mental Health America. Jennifer & Kate live in Los Angeles, CA with their 10 year old son and two cats, Buster & Jac.

Teacher's Home in North Glendale
Address will be emailed to registered students before class.
North Glendale

Calling all flower enthusiasts! Learn to make a simple but stunning floral centerpiece perfect for weddings, holidays or your own kitchen table. Instructor will provide... vessel wire and other tools floral foam greenery (filler) Please bring... A handful of flowers to share (Your local farmer's market and Trader Joe's are a great resource for inexpensive bouquets. If you can't bring flowers please email the instructor in advance. All welcome!) **ACCESSIBILITY: *Class is on patio, down two steps.

Bring one of the following:
Bubble Bath
Flower Seeds
Soft Dog Treats
Tea Leaves

About the teacher, Lisa Christie

Lisa is an artist living in the pine trees above Los Angeles.